Music for OxyContin Blues was written by Warren Malone and Eric Elven


New York Based Singer/Songwriter Warren Malone Is Originally From Manchesrter England. He Loves To Sing, He Loves To Write Songs And He Loves To Play Guitar. He Loves Traditional Folk Music As Much As He Loves A Great Pop Song. He Loves His New Album And He Doesn’t Care Who Knows It. He Doesn’t Love Writing Bio’s And Pretending To Be A Third Party. He Loves A Good Audience, He Hates Stupid Pop Stars With Shades, He has A Fear Of Being Falsely Accused, He’s Done Some Bad Things, He Tries To Be Good, He Loves To Sing, He Sings All Day Everyday, The First Record He Ever Put On Was A Hank Williams Record He Was 4 Yrs Old, As A Kid He Loved Elvis, He Used To Draw And Sometimes Still Carries A Sketchbook. He Loves Mexican Food, He Lived In San Francisco For 5 Years And It Changed Him Forever, He Can Cook But Only If It Involves Just 1 Pan, He Loves Beer But Tries Not To Drink It He Loves Fiddle Tunes, He Loves Brother Duets With Mandolin And Guitar, He Loves To Hear Great Harmony singers And Has Fantasized About Being The High Lonesome Harmony Singer In A Bluegrass Band, He Has Been High and Lonesome He Has Made Some Promises He Knew He Couldn’t Keep He Knows He Has Some Secrets But He Can’t Remember What They Are He Hates Cool People, He Will Let You Know If He Likes You He Loves His Family He Remembers Things From His Past But Doesn’t Know If They Really happened, He Loves To Sing He Can’t Believe he Didn’t End Up In Jail, He’s Played A Lot Of Gigs, He’s Played A lot Of Street Corners He’s Had To Talk To A Lot Of Strangers, His Parents Met When His Father Was In Prison Thats A whole Other Story, It Would Be A Great Movie Actually Youth, Violence, Crime, Singing, Prison, Love, Jealousy, Family, Murder And More Singing He Loves Repetition, He Loves His New Album And He Doesn’t Care Who Knows It.


It’s been one wild ride!  “A long strange trip,” as The Grateful Dead so put it.  Nowadays the ride has landed me in New York City where I co-lead an acoustic guitar, voice and piano duo called The Steppe.  We’re influenced by everything, namely the one big grand ass adventure that life in its colorful entirety just plainly is.  Here The Steppe perform “The River.”  It’s a song I feel sits well with the theme of addiction explored in Oxycontin Blues.  Find more on our website:  Cheers, Eric.



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